We believe that healthy eating is a lifestyle rather than a diet. A diet is a temporary change in your eating patterns that you follow to lose weight quickly or achieve another health goal.

The problem with diets is that they are often extreme, difficult, and often unhealthy to stick to long-term. A lot of times, as soon as you go back to your normal pattern of eating, the changes that were made are gone in a matter of weeks.

This is how practicing a general healthy lifestyle is different - it is sustainable long-term and a habit that you keep for life! A healthy lifestyle includes not only foods and activities that fuel and nourish your body, but also that you love and enjoy! You will not be able to maintain an eating pattern long-term that is restrictive and does not feel good for you personally.

Everybody has their own values and preferences surrounding food along with varying nutritional needs. Nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all! Community Groceries is here to educate the community about a healthier lifestyle in addition to placing mid-size markets throughout the urban core that people could walk to that allows them to get up and get active.

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